The significant differences between an essence, serum, or an ampoule is their consistency. It depends on the ingredient that is more concentrated in each type.



Essence Texture

Compared to serum and ampoule, it shows the lowest level of viscosity. Its consistency is runny and fluid, almost like water or toner. With very minimal chances of allergic reactions or side-effects, many people enjoy using it daily. 

Most essences are made in large sizes as can be easily applied to the skin.





Serum Texture

Consistency between essence and ampoule. It is also easy for daily use as it is quite fluid and light.

Its shelf life is shorter than that of essence formulas, which is why they are made in smaller sizes.




Ampoule Texture

It has the most viscous consistency among the three. Its extremely dense formula is made of concentrated nourishments that immediately enhances the skin.

Usually ampoules are made in one-time use capsules or in glass bottles as they have a very short shelf life. Many people enjoy its immediate effects and easy storage, but they are not used as daily skin care.

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