Known to cleanse the skin by lathering foam, this type of cleanser slightly lacks effective cleansing than oil but better than soap. It starts from a viscous cream, then turns into foam as you lather with water.


As much as they are gentle and non-irritating to the skin, they also get to all the impurities and oils for a squeaky cleanse.





This is by far the most effective cleanser, usually made with plant-based oil, and is best recommended to erase bold make-up and oily products. This may be surprising, but oil fights oil which is why it is most effective for oily skin. 


You may feel it a little too oily or stiff, but a little bit of water will make it creamy for easy lather to the skin. Next, wipe it off and — voila! You’ll see a clean glow in the mirror!  





It’s the most fluid type formula without any oily contents. As gentle and non-invasive as it is, it also does not leave any sticky residue behind. 


Although it may not be the best cleanser for bold make-up, it is a great first-step for a double cleanse. 

And using cotton pads also clear up impurities and dead skin cells.





Whipped formula provides the most gentle cleanse throughout the whole process. Its soft and fluffy whipped foam is not only a non-irritating cleanse but extremely effective to use for a double cleanse.





Viscous than water but lighter than oil and cream. Gel types are well known for less dryness after cleanse. The formula itself holds a lot of moisture, giving the skin a hydrating finish. As light and easy it is to use, it performs amazing cleanse on all skin types including both dry skin and oily skin. 





As much as it contains more oil contents, it is more effective in locking moisture to the skin after cleanse. Cream can also reach all the clogged pores and make-up residue that water cleanse cannot reach. 


The formula melts on skin temperature. After cleansing, you just need to wipe off with a tissue and gently rinse off with water.





Lotion is also known as cleansing milk. It is more hydrating and fluid than cream. 

Although it lacks effective cleanse and may need double cleanse, the skin is left with light and soft finish with no irritation.

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