Cotton Sheet

Thick but soft and non-abrasive gentle sheet. The sheet is made of real organic cotton from a cotton tree, which leaves the skin comfortable and breathable.




Cupra Sheet

Extremely thin and adhesive to the skin.

The sheet is eco-friendly, made of 100% real organic cotton from a cotton tree. It not only allows the skin the breath but also shows excellent absorption with minimal irritation,




Hydrogel Sheet

You may find this sheet quite slippery as it is made with pressed concentration of nourishing essence. The sheet automatically melts on skin temperature, which allows excellent adhesion and moisturization to the skin. It provides an immediate cooling effect, and leaves the skin hydrated. Best recommended to use during hot Summer.




Bio-cellulose sheet

This gel sheet is made of pressed coconuts that provide excellent adhesion with a strong lifting effect. The coconut ingredient allows the skin to lock moisture for a long time.




Foil Mask Sheet

The silver coating sheet prevents the mask from drying up easily. It keeps the skin with long lasting moisture. Although the sheet is very thin, it does not tear easily. It rather snugs well to all the contours of the face.

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