Less viscous than creams but hydrating with a light finish. It can also be used for severe oily skin. It is quite fluid like water but has more moisture than toner as it contains some factors of oil.




Aqua Cream

Its texture is in between gel and cream, suitable for all skin types. It is usually favored by oily skin as it is extremely hydrating with minimal content of oil. It performs quick absorption with a dewy finish. Many people enjoy using it for base make-up.





Soft and creamy with long lasting effects. It has the most ideal balance of oil and moisture, allowing all skin types to enjoy using. Best recommended for dry skin, delicate skin, and combination skin. Its rich consistency is great to infuse strong moisture on specific parts of the body, like hands, feet etc.





Its consistency is extremely rich and dense like ointment with the very least hydration. Best recommended to use on extremely dry and flakey skin. Although it may not be the easiest to lather, it perfectly locks nourishing oil contents to the skin. It is known to show best results on elbows, heels, and other chapped parts of the body.





Although this consistency is extremely runny and fluid, it contains the most oil. Little formula goes a long way. Most people use it for the body rather than the face. It strengthens the skin barriers, protecting the skin from potential irritations from external factors. Best recommended to use for massage, and on dry skin.

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