Sun Care

Sun Care


Slightly viscous, and resembles the texture of gel moisturizers. It’s quick and exceptional absorption makes it light and super hydrating to the skin. Best recommended for skin care before make-up, or specifically for oily skin.





Slightly more fluid than cream, and resembles the texture of an ordinary lotion. As it is soft and moisturizing, it is widely used for both the face and the body.





Rich and condensed texture. It is the most easily found type of product in the cosmetic market. Since it contains more oil, it may feel quite hard to evenly distribute but has the most sun care effect. Most dry skins use this type for the face as well.





Sticks are similar to lip balms and lipsticks, and are well known for its soft and creamy formula. These types are especially favored by people who exercise as it is easy to apply. Simple gliding can provide the most appropriate amount, and leaves the skin with a silky soft finish. Nowadays, it is widely used for base make-up and overall body care.

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