All About Containers



1. Pump Containers

Pump cap bottles are best compatible with viscous liquid formulas like lotion, body wash, hand sanitizers, shampoo, gel etc.


There are pumps that can pump liquid to foam, pumps for dense gels, and pumps for more fluid consistency like oil formulas. As such, there are various types of pumps for each type of liquid you put in.


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2. Flip Cap Containers

Flip caps are the most widely used cap for skincare and beauty products.


They are easy to open and close, and are usually attached to tubes or bottles. People enjoy using this cap because it is compatible for all types of formula from viscous formulas, like creams and gels, to less viscous formulas, like toners and water. 


The cap allows you to dispense just the right amount you need, and prevents contamination or spoilage from air when closed.




3.  Spray Containers

There are two different types of sprays: a gun type where you pull the trigger, or the press type where you press down with your finger.


Gun types are usually used for hair products, and press types are usually used for products like mists, toners, hair sprays, or perfumes. Neither types are compatible for gel or cream types but best for liquid formulas.




4. Cream Containers

These containers usually come with lids where you turn to open or close. They are widely used for cream type formulas.


Most contents in these types of containers are soft, viscous, and creamy. Not only are they used for skin care products but also hair, body, and make-up products.




5. Stick Containers

Lip balms and lipsticks used to be the main products made in stick containers but, nowadays, a wide variety of skin care products have also been incorporating these containers.


Products especially like sun care and deodorant are made in stick containers. Its small and portable size adds extra convenience–which is why more and more people enjoy using them!