Guide to Production

1. Choose the product: Choose the product that you wish to make.

2. Consult costs: Learn the detailed costs in the making.

3. Product Development: Begin developing products/samples

4. Legal Agreement: Sign a legal agreement with the confirmed specification for final production.

5. Manufacturing: High quality products of yours truly are in the making.

6. Shipping: Your products have successfully been made! We will safely ship them to your destination.

1. Choose the product that you wish to make

Share with us all the details of the product you wish to make. Don鈥檛 be overwhelmed, yet! Just a few checks, and our professional agent will help you develop further.

1. Choose Main Function

Choose the main function of your product.

ex) Serum 鈥 Calming

2. Choose Texture

Choose the texture of your preference.

ex) Calming Serum - Absorbs quickly and evenly to the skin without a dripping consistency.

3. Choose Fragrance

Choose the fragrance of your preference.

ex) Floral

4. Choose Size

Make just the amount you want.

Serum is usually 20~50ml.

ex) 30ml

5. Choose cap

Choose the appropriate container and cap.

Some containers and caps may not be possible depending on the type of texture and formula of the product. Don鈥檛 worry if you get stuck, we will recommend you the best options!

6. Consult Design

We鈥檝e already designed something for you. You are allowed to freely use it. If you want to use your own design, please request a consultation. (Basic service - requires additional charges)

2. Learn the costs

1. If you鈥檝e completed all the customizable options, we will reach you shortly

Our professional agents based in Korea will thoroughly review all the customized options you choose and help you produce them.聽

We will guide you through all the detailed steps about the ingredients, containers, costs and more.

2. At the end of consultation, we will provide you an entire budget

We offer a deposit system where you don鈥檛 have to feel overwhelmed by paying the entire cost even before making the product! Pay your deposit, and we can begin with the samples.

3. Begin developing your own product (sampling)

Now, let鈥檚 go ahead and bring your product come to life.

Expect about 1~2 weeks to make your first customized sample. Slight changes to your first sample will be available in a shorter time, but note that you are only given 3 sample trials, free of charge 鈥 so we recommend you be prudent to your decisions.

Once you receive your sample, let us know in detail if there are any changes or improvements you would like! If you feel content about the sample, we鈥檒l take you to the next step!

< Frequently Asked Questions! >

Q. How many samples can I make?

At most, three sample trials are available free of charge. If necessary for additional changes, you may request a new sample upon additional charges.

Q. How much sample is provided?

We provide a minimum of 30ml for a sufficient amount of testing.

Q. When will I receive the edited version of my sample?

On average, it takes about a week to deliver upon a meticulous procedure of changes.

< Product Development Details >

1. Confirm Formula

If you are content with the functions, textures, and fragrances of the sample, please confirm.

2. Confirm Ingredients

Please review and confirm the ingredients used for your formula.

3. Confirm Container/Cap

Please confirm your choice of container and cap. Note that it is subject to change upon appropriate combination. (For safety regulations)

4. Preservation Test

Your product will undergo various preservation tests, like the temperature/humidity test.

5. Confirm Design

Confirm the design of your product and package. Once all necessary designs are confirmed, we can proceed to manufacture.

6. Register Functions(Upon complete manufacturing)

If the product contains specific functions mentioned below, it must be registered through the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea.

The two main functions that require registration is 1) whitening effect and 2) anti-wrinkling effect.

< Package label must contain >

- Product Description

- Product Name

- Identified Functions

- Net contents

- Ingredient Declaration

- Distributor

- Manufacturer

- Customer Service

- Production No. and Shelf Life

- Recycling Symbol

4. Sign a legal agreement to manufacture the final version of your customized product

Upon your confirmation of the final version, we will proceed to manufacture it!

Sign the contract for your order, proceed to pay your deposit, and you are done with the whole pre-production process.

Next, we will take your final version to the most top tier manufacturing factory in Korea that best suits your specs. (Note that cancellation at this stage may result in compensation of waste etc. so please make sure to double check before this stage.)

5. Your amazing product is coming to life

From our connection of all the top tier Korean manufacturing factories, we will select the factory that can best cater to the specs of your product.

1. Produce Formula

2. Final Inspection of Result

3. Total Packaging

Whilst manufacturing, we will take care of registration under Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea and other legal documents for export.

6. Voila! Your product is ready for shipment

Finally, the manufacturing process for your amazing product is complete. After one final round of inspection, we will safely deliver them to your destination!

*Shipment begins after a final round of inspection, called the microbiological standards examination.